More about me

Over the past decade I have worked in a variety of organizations large and small. From a non-profit performing arts venue, world-class branding and marketing agencies, to a cutting-edge app development company that built a platform for the most ambitious competency-based education initiative in the United States.

I have always found myself drawn to work with a purpose. I love a good challenge and opportunities to learn new things. More than that, I love inspiring others and giving back to the community by mentoring and volunteering.

My Specialties

  • Leading teams of on-site, off-site and contract developers
  • Sourcing augmented staff or outside vendors/tech specialists
  • Mobile first and responsive web development best practices
  • Agile Methodologies
  • QA & client acceptance testing plan development
  • Front-end web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Inspiring teams to do their best work
  • Always learning and keeping up-to-date on emerging technologies
  • Requirements discovery
  • Writing clean semantic code

Strong Leader

At home working with cross functional teams, including design, strategy, UX and project management to create great solutions for unusual requirements.

Trusted Liaison

Facilitating open communication and working to course correct early and often when things aren't going smoothly to ensure all people involved stay committed throughout the process.

Critical Thinker

Drawing from my varied background and experience gives me a unique perspective on the big picture. I'm very interested in the future of technology and finding ways to intelligently utilize new tools.